Feed Poor Families through your support amidst COVID-19 outspread

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AFOFA Helping Right Trust

  Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan

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AFOFA Helping Right Trust


AFOFA Helping Right Trust is providing Readymade food for homeless people and Packet of love and care to the poor families, each containing 20 Kg of Wheat Flour (Aata), 2 Kg of Rice, 1 Kg of Pulse, (Daal), 1 ltr pack of Cooking Oil, necessary spices alongwith 1 Kg of Potato and 1 Kg of Onion for each family.

We are buying and feeding approximately 250 homeless people and 50 families everyday in various districts of Rajasthan and other areas of our Nation with the help of AHRs (AFOFA Helping Representatives - Volunteers).

20Kg Wheat flour (aata) - Rs. 500/-

2Kg of Rice - Rs. 60/-

1 Kg of Pulse - Rs. 50-60/-

1 ltr Cooking Oil - Rs. 70-90/-

other necessary items - Rs. 150-200/- (Biscuit packets for kids)


Thank you for the amazing love and support.

Keep supporting and we will keep feeding the needy.

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